I realised one day, that sometimes I think I am Weird and when that thought hits me, I become self-conscious about the Weird and then somehow the Weird is put under pressure. The Weird does not like pressure, so it is not long before it explodes, and manifests itself in its magnificent Weirdness... But by... Continue Reading →


January ended. Blues didn’t.

The title pretty much sums it up. Christmas came and went, I spent it at home recovering from a burnout that signed me off all work for six weeks and gave me plenty of time to overcook and overeat, and as soon as it was over I was back to work. And as soon as... Continue Reading →

The Big Christmas Food List

This year is one of the most emotional Christmases for me. In recovery from a compromised mental health, it feels good that I will be spending the holidays in my own flat - my first own flat. I made the decision, this October, that I would pander on the whims of my inner child, and... Continue Reading →

Christmas Spice Gravy

Christmas cooking is on!  If you're working, you will want to have as much food prepared early on as possible. Thankfully, a forgiving gravy is the best thing to make ahead, it keeps well, reheats perfectly and no guest will know the difference.  This is the formula I came up with, to complement the flavours... Continue Reading →

Wild Earl Grey Rice Pudding

It's almost December and my Keto plans failed majestically. With Christmas around the corner, I don't see them picking up any time soon, either. So I decided to embrace the carb load, and use the opportunity to empty my pantry of carby things so that I can get back on Keto track after the holidays.... Continue Reading →

Medieval Mince Meat Pie

I was naughty. I was looking for a way to use my discard sourdough starter. I had some leftover mincemeat from last year's Christmas batch that I wanted to get rid of, to make way for the new batch. I had stuff that I like and I did not want to throw it away, basically.... Continue Reading →

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